Welcome, do you see anything that you like? What item of clothing dont you have? 
Browse through the catalogue and if you see something you wish to purchase, speak
to our sales assistant Troy Nuske and he will be more than happy to take your money


Baggy Blue

The ultimate piece of GRDCC clothing. You can't play Shires cricket without one!
 Training Shorts

Forget BONDS undies, these are the most comfy shorts
on the planet. Wear them to training, games, or pretty
much anywhere

White Playing Shirt

Worn for all two day fixtures. It looks fantastic with your
white or cream pants.
Training Cap

Bring this cap to training and wear it during warm
up on a Saturday. It can also be worn during the T20 festivities.

One Day Playing Shirt

Show off your love for the River by wearing the best One Day strip in Shires cricket.
Dress Shirt
To be worn after the match and to any function at Club Rivers. Since it has a collar,you can even wear it out
on the town!

Training Shirt

Come down to training in this beauty. Make sure
you wear it to the game as well!

Stay warm this winter with your very own GRDCC Vintage Hoody. Show off your love of The River. It looks good with everything!