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Sydney Shires Competition

Playing from our home grounds at Bexley, Lance Hutchinson and Bland Ovals, GRDCC have four Senior Men’s teams playing in the Sydney Shires Competition.

Georges River competes in all levels of Sydney shires cricket, with a team in each grade.

  • 1st Grade - The RB Clark Cup

  • 2nd Grade - The S J Mayne Trophy

  • 3rd Grade - The JB Hollander Cup

  • 4th Grade - The Harry Culbert Trophy

  • 5th Grade - The Tim Creer Cup

The Sydney Shires Cricket Competition (formerly known as Municipal and Shires) was founded in 1923 and its main function has always been as an alternative competition to the Sydney Grade Competition, both of which are conducted in the metropolitan suburbs of Sydney.

Shires cricket began in 1923, initially as a one-grade competition. In 1928 a second grade was added to the competition, with the terms "A" Division and "B" Division used to differentiate between the two grades. The competition continued in this format, right through until 1957, at which time a "C" Division was created. Further expansion in 1982 saw the competition extend to a "D" Division.

 In 1993 the phrasing of "A" to "D" to describe teams rankings was changed to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Shires.

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